Sunrose Bio

Sunrose are an Australian four-piece band who are recalling timeless Psychedelic Rock from the hills of Byron Bay. With a sound that is bathed in sunshine and salt-water, their melodies take you daydreaming through the clouds with grooves that you can’t help but move to. The boys naturistic lifestyles by the ocean are reflected in their songwriting unleashing you into a sonic swirl of haunting vocals, grooved out rhythms and harmonic undulations swimming in vibrato and delay; creating ​“A fun, twisted psych sandwich” ​ as quipped by Declan Byrne, ​Triple J​, on latest Surf-Rock single ‘​Takes Two​’ released this year.

From unveiling a fully formed, mesmerising sound in 2016 with the release of their first two singles ​Strange Behaviour​ ​and ​Sleepwalking​, ​Sunrose has been consistent in spreading the psychedelic magic with two hypnotic E.Ps to have followed since. Like a kaleidoscopic explosion, debut E.P ​Cosmic Horizon​ ​set the tone for 2017​ ​with the first two singles ​Fever ​and Egoless​ g​ aining attention within the industry; premiering on ​Australian Music Scene​ and ​Tone Deaf​, and securing plays across various radio stations. 2017 also saw the band share the stage with Nick Allbrook – the lead of Psychedelic Rock band, ​Pond​ – and tour along the East Coast of Australia.

Defining E.P ​Strawberry Wine​ followed suit in the Psych circus mania this year painting a rainbow of contrasting emotions and introducing odd time signatures that were recorded in-house by the band themselves. In ​j​ust a few months, the E.P gained airplay across Australia with singles working their way onto a ​Spotify​ Editorial playlist. The release also landed them a gig with Australian Rock band, Ocean Alley, at ​The Tivoli​ in Brisbane and a continuing run of shows along the East Coast to date.

“A fun, twisted psych sandwich.” ​- ​Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Takes Two’, 2018)

“This pleases me a great deal. This is some really straight up, boy next door psych rock.” ​- ​Triple J, Dave Ruby Howe (‘Fever’, 2017)

“It showcases the young group’s accomplished musicianship and definitely leaves you wanting more.” ​- Tone Deaf (‘Sleepwalking’, 2016)

“I can see a band like this procuring a diverse and cult-like following.” ​- ​Divide and Conquer

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